About Advantage Cars was created by Group 1 Automotive as a new way to deliver vehicles to it's customers. Houston-based Group 1 Automotive, Inc., a Fortune 500 automotive retailer, is a leading operator in the $1 trillion automotive retailing industry. Since its initial public offering in October 1997, Group 1 has grown to become one of the top five dealership groups in the United States.

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A whole new way for you to find the vehicle you want without the hassles of the traditional approach to buying a car. We want your experience to be a friendly and pleasant one. From the beginning, our professional and courteous team members will work with you exclusively during the entire buying process. You will not be passed around to various sales managers while you are here. Our team members only goal is to help you find the vehicle you want. At Advantage, the price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees. No additional mark up. No extra charges. Our success is totally driven by the ease in which you can find the vehicle you're looking for and in the way we treat you with respect and courtesy.
Advantage Brought to you by Group 1 Automotive.

Unfortunately, buying a car nowadays is often more of a hassle than it should be. Still, up until recently, no company has made the effort to revolutionize the way that customers, you, find and buy their dream cars. That is, until Advantage

Advantage represents a great leap from the old, frustrating way of buying cars, to a new, state-of-the-art, designed-for-your-convenience way. Advantage is a product of Group 1 Automotive, Inc., a Houston-based automotive group. Group 1 Automotive has, since its initial public offering in October 1997, demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to customer service and quality vehicles, giving it prestige as a Fortune 500 automotive retailer, and boosting Group 1 into a top-five spot on the list of dealership groups nationwide. The newest of Group 1's customer-centric companies is us, Advantage

You'll find with Advantage a liberating upheaval of the traditional approaches to buying and selling cars. Our professional and always friendly team members are here because they believe in helping you drive home in the perfect vehicle. You'll never be passed around from sales manager to sales manager; once a team member steps forth to help you, they'll be with you every step of the way to answer your questions and keep you comfortable. We guarantee that the price you see is the price you get. You can be sure that we at Advantage will never tack on additional mark ups, hidden fees or extra charges. The key to our success here at Advantage is our ability to keep you smiling, and that's why you can expect nothing less than courtesy and respect at all times with us.

So, if you're in the market for a used, certified pre-owned, pre-owned or new car, or even if you're looking to sell your own car, make sure to give us a call here at Advantage We take pride in giving you top-notch service and unbeatable prices.

Advantage, where the only "run around" will be us running around to do everything we can to keep you smiling.

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